Quotes from TRIO ELF's 2018 Australian tour:

Germany’s Trio ELF were all high-spirits and mad-cap energy, melding classical piano trio with electronics in the manner of former Swedish unit the Esbjörn Svensson Trio (or e.s.t.). The trio’s music plumbed the soft-loud template pioneered by Nirvana and the grunge movement, and it came as no surprise that their deconstructed makeover of the Blink-182 song ‘Down’ proved an audience hit. 

Des Cowley  The Australian Book Review

Germany’s Trio ELF was an instant hit with audiences at their Saturday evening concert in WPAC Theatre and on Sunday in the newly styled St Pat’s Hall with tables and a bar. Walter Lang on piano, Peter Cudek on acoustic bass and Gerwin Eisenhauer on drums added a little electronic wizardry and lots of humour to their melodically and rhythmically appealing compositions. Their approach made excellent use of sudden dramatic dynamic variations, beginning each piece with a simple tune repeated, adding effects, pumping up the volume and intensity via bass and expansive work from Eisenhauer, before returning to the fluid simplicity of the piano notes. Their cover of punk band Blink 182’s Down was a favourite.


Germany’s Trio Elf were unashamedly extrovert, their music a fascinating blend of drum ‘n’ bass rhythms, lyrical melodies, startling dynamic shifts and electronic effects. The remarkable Gerwin Eisenhauer has been described as a drum machine come to life, but machines don’t radiate joy like Eisenhauer and his colleagues Walter Lang and Peter Cudek , building delicate pin pricks of sound into thumping pop euphoria in the blink of an eye.

Sydney Morning Post


Quotes for our new CD „MusicBoxMusic“

“Bold sounds and bright moments too – a very unique groove from Trio Elf, who manage to take the familiar combination of piano, bass, and drums into great territory of their own!” [jazzchill]

„Vielseitigkeit ist nur einer von vielen Begriffen, den man für die neue Silberscheibe des Trio Elf zur näheren Bestimmung heranziehen kann. Weitere sind Experimentierfreude, Dynamikkreativität und Musiklyriker.“ [kultur-port.de]

 „… die Konzentration auf frische, gestalterisch fein changierende Stücke, die mehr als früher von allen drei Beteiligten stammen.“ [Jazz thing]

 „Das neue Album "MusicBoxMusic" wurde vom Zauber der Spieluhren inspririert.“ [kulturspiegel.de]

„… zum ersten Mal bringt ein jeder der drei Musiker seine eigenen charakteristischen Kompositionen mit ein. Kein Wunder also, dass sich das Klangbild von Trio Elf durch die Verschiedenheit der drei Akteure immens weitet und eine vielseitige, abwechslungsreiche Soundwelt bietet – noch mehr als bei den früheren Alben.“ [er-em-online.de]

 „Das Trio Elf arbeitet damit weiter an seinem markanten Soundprofil zwischen Romantizismus und Rhythmusfülle.“ [Stereoplay]

Versatility is only one of many attributes that could be used to pinpoint the sound of Trio Elf's latest CD – as are 'joy in exploring', 'dynamic creativity' and 'musical lyricisim'.“ [kultur-port.de]

“...focus on new, creatively scintillating and yet nuanced songs penned more equally now by all three band members.“ [Jazz thing]

“Their new album ‘MusicBoxMusic’ was inspired by the magic of music boxes.“ [kulturspiegel.de]

"...for the first time in the band's history, each of the three musicians throws his own distinctive compositions into the mix. So it is hardly surprising that Trio Elf's sound is expanding tremendously thanks to the uniquely diverse flavor contributed by each of its three members, offering a multifaceted and versatile soundscape that is much more pronounced than on any of the earlier albums.“ [er-em-online.de]

“With this, Trio ELF continues to develop its distinct sound profile wedged somewhere between romanticism and rhythmic richness." [Stereoplay]

“A classic piano trio that dares to aim for transcendence. This could work - or not. In Trio ELF’s case, it works wonderfully well. Here, jazz rhythms and the beats and sounds of drum'n'bass, house and even hip-hop collide in energetic bursts. Widely varied compositions and well-rounded improvisations are the main takeaways of this. The listener becomes immersed in a realm of sound that is captivatingly eclectic without becoming overbearing or overloaded.“ [jazzdrummerworld]

“More than a decade ago, this ever astonishing trio released their first album. And in 2016 and with a new line-up – Sven Faller is replaced by bassist Peter Cudek, who also contributes compositions of his own – they are now giving us a veritable treasure trove of sound, inspired by the melodies of music boxes.“ [Sonic]

“At times serving up catchy hooks and sending sparks of inspiration flying at others, the trio brings to life the album’s 11 compositions never entering mainstream territory and yet always sounding memorable.” [Hifi-Stars]

"Even in the subsequent solo prelude on the piano, Lang succeeds with effortless ease at creating a wall of sound that is nothing short of resembling cinematographic soundscapes, stirred only by the onset of a nervous beat and a solemn bass that announce the start of something more fast-paced, more pronounced, yes: more alert – something that feels like an awakening, like the blossoming of a pure force of nature." [Jazzthetik]

“[...] – all the jewels adorning this 'music box' share one thing in common: the art of turning friction into sonic delight.“ [Jazzpodium]

„MusicBoxMusic accomplishes the feat of using club-friendly beats without letting the jazz of it degrade to mere relaxation muzak. Rather, it boldly takes its multi-layered rhythms where no programmer has gone before. Add to this a wicked bass and a piano that tastefully refrains from any kind of cascading or arpeggiated mannerisms whatsoever and the result is pure joy.“ [Jazzthetik][Jazzpodium]